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About OPS

Operational Psychology Services, LLC provides expert psychological consultation for threat assessment, counterterrorism, and insider threat missions. Our psychologists apply their Federal Law Enforcement operational experience to the diverse needs of Fortune 500s, corporate/global security, and law enforcement. Whether it’s assessing violence risk and developing a management plan to prevent workplace violence, identifying risks posed by terrorist groups in international business markets, or protecting proprietary information and preventing corporate espionage, OPS implements science into practice to help our clients understand the risk.

Our services include:

  • Assessing risk and developing management strategies to prevent acts of violence in the workplace, acts of sabotage, or theft/disclosure of proprietary information
  • Assessing communicated threats and unsolicited communications
  • Consultation on narrowing subject pools and identifying perpetrators in unknown subject cases
  • Psychological consultation for investigations, including providing a behavioral review of the evidence, generating leads, prioritizing interviews, and developing interview questions
  • Post-incident behavioral assessment to identify pre-incident indicators and generate recommendations to prevent future occurrences
  • Psychological autopsy to determine mindset and behavior preceding a suicide, equivocal death, or VIP case
  • Consultation on developing a multidisciplinary threat assessment team, conducting threat assessments, and developing management strategies
  • Operational training on threat assessment, violence prevention, counterterrorism, insider threat, and other psychological consultation services tailored for the organization’s needs.

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    Operational Psychology Services is a full service psychology consultancy focusing on threat assessment, counterterrorism, insider threats, investigative consultations, and operational training.

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