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Investigative Consultation

Investigators face numerous challenges when investigating possible criminal acts.  From narrowing down the subject pool and identifying the perpetrator, to gathering evidence, reviewing records, and conducting interviews, the investigative process contains numerous twists and turns.  Through this process, investigators must be mindful of being accurate and efficient, acting quickly to prevent future acts of harm, while minimizing resource drain, and avoiding “red herrings” that would throw the investigation off track.  Operational psychology is the investigator’s ally in this process.  OPS consultation uses a partnership model that pairs the psychologist with the investigator and applies psychological models and theories to meet the investigator’s needs.  Psychological consultation helps the investigator reach case resolution faster, with maximum evidence and information collection, and minimal resource drain.

OPS consultation can fulfill most any investigative need.  Types of investigative consultations include:

  • Narrowing down subject pools and identifying unknown perpetrators
  • Identifying behavioral-based leads for evidence and information collection
  • Assisting with the investigative interview process (prioritizing interviews, generating investigative questions tailored to key individuals)
  • Analyzing collected evidence and information for relevance to the case
  • Interpreting behavior, mental illness, cultural artifacts
  • Assessing the perpetrator’s motivation and intent for executive authority decision-making processes

OPS staff has extensive experience in law enforcement investigations and maintain specific skill sets in conducting specialized investigative psychological consultations, including:

  • Threat assessment investigations
  • Counterterrorism investigations
  • Insider threat (sabotage, espionage, theft) investigations
  • Death investigations & psychological autopsies
  • Cold Case Homicide investigations
  • Arsons
  • Sex crimes
  • Serial crimes

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