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Terrorism poses a domestic and international threat.  For many, the term “terrorism” evokes images of Usama bin Laden, airplanes crashing into buildings, and Islamic extremist training camps.  However, terrorism is defined by the targeted violence attack, the subsequent media coverage and attention, and the effect it has on public behavior and influencing political, religious, ideaological, and personal agendas.  Acts of terrorism can be conducted by individuals or small groups, as well as by established organizations, They can include assassinations, mass shootings, bombings, and use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear devices.  Protecting personnel and property from terrorist attacks –domestic, trans-national, and international – is essential for any organization.

OPS provides consutation to organizations in understanding the life cycle of terrorism – from recruitment, to intelligence gathering and preparation, and finally, to committing attack.  We have extensive experience conducting investigative consultation and training for the US Department of Defense, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and international governments, and can now provide this same high-quality service for your organization.

Consultation and training areas include:

  • Assessment of recruitment and radicalization techniques
  • Assessment of terrorist organization, capability, motivation, and intent
  • Assessment of attack methodologies and attack preparation behaviors
  • Consultation on investigations and operations
  • Operational training

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