About Us

Operational Psychology Services (OPS) was founded to prevent acts of harm through investigative consultation, operational training, and program development. Our clients include a wide range of professional disciplines, from investigators and threat assessors to security, human resources, and legal professionals.

Our Unique Partnership Model

Our experts integrate into your organization’s culture, earn your trust and respect, and become part of the team.
We understand and respect your organization’s typical practices and level of risk tolerance, and use them to build specific and actionable recommendations for each case.

From federal law enforcement to corporate environments, we establish relationships and form partnerships to collaborate on investigations, assessments, and management strategies.

This unique connection empowers you to make informed decisions about a person’s risk and implement the management strategy with confidence.

The Operational Psychologist’s Role

As consultants, our experts analyze behavioral clues and translate them into practical advice.

A key difference between operational psychology and other psychology disciplines is in the role of consultant instead of decision maker. Our experts design an investigative plan, analyze the case information for clues about a person’s mindset, motivation, behavior, and intent, and translate them into actionable recommendations for you to implement.

Operational Psychologists in Threat Management

The development of threat management programs led both the public and private sectors to rely on the expertise of operational psychologists. In the 1990s, the adoption of stalking laws and increase in workplace violence incidents created the demand for law enforcement to take a proactive role in threat management.

To optimize resources, the investigators consulted with operational psychologists to analyze and interpret threatening communications and behavior. Similarly, federal and state guidance compelled private employers to take steps to prevent workplace violence.

To reduce liability, many corporations formed threat management teams and brought in operational psychologists to consult on their cases. Both types of organizations found an operational psychologist’s expert consultation to be a valuable threat management asset.

Why “Operational Psychology”?

The term operational psychology originated when psychologists began supporting operators in the field, typically law enforcement, intelligence community, and military operators.

Today, operational psychologists support “operators” in diverse professions and industries, including corporate, education, government, and law enforcement.


Our Expertise


Get practical advice to ensure successful threat management strategies to mitigate threats of targeted violence.


Protect assets and information from theft, sabotage, or disclosure by disgruntled


Stay ahead of potential threats by elevating your tools to identify and assess threats to leadership and facilities.


Understand the motivation and intent of people who seek to commit acts of domestic and international terrorism.