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Insider Threat

Every organization faces the risk of exploitation by its employees.  Employees have access to sensitive or proprietary information, computer systems, organization funds, and property.  When employees becomes disgruntled with the organization, they pose a risk for theft, fraud, sabotage, or espionage.

OPS provides consutation to organizations in understanding the mindset, motivation, behavior, and intent associated with insider threats to help protect your organization’s assets.  Our experience providing case consultation and training on US Department of Defense fraud, sabotage, and National Security investigations is available to your organizations assets.  Consultation and training areas include:

  • Consultation on theft, fraud, sabotage, or corporate espionage investigations
  • Identifying at-risk employees and resolving perceived conflicts to prevent insider threat attacks
  • Developing management strategies to prevent disclosure of sensitive or proprietary information
  • Identifying perpetrators in unknown subject cases
  • Conducting a case review of an insider threat attack and proposing recommendations for preventing future attacks

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