Meet The Team

Felicity Riddle


Ms. Riddle is a psychologist currently on staff with an Australian law enforcement agency. She provides psychological consultation on threat assessment in communicated threat, stalking, workplace violence, and family violence cases, as well as cases involving mental disordered offenders. Ms. Riddle also provides training to law enforcement and mental health services on the identification, assessment, and management of stalking and fixated behavior.

Ms. Riddle’s previous roles have included senior clinical and leadership positions within acute mental health services, a liaison role between police and mental health, community mental health settings, youth detention and residential care, and private psychology practice. She is an endorsed clinical psychologist in Australia, and is a member of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP), the Australian Psychology Society, and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.

Ms. Riddle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Canberra, completing her honors thesis in the relationships between substance misuse, stress and coping; a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Australian National University, undertaking a thesis in grief and loss; a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Mental Health from Griffith University; and a Master’s degree in Terrorism and Security Studies from Charles Sturt University.